How Do I Get Out of the Way?


Yeah, in everything, including the United Nations, we need more accessibility, more diversity, more plurality. And you are right. Unless a system, a group, a nation, or a building, goes out of its way to get more diversity, it won’t. I live in Canada, and we have a Toronto company that is called that makes ramps. If you call that company, and tell them the measurement of your step that is stopping persons in wheelchairs and persons who don’t like stairs, they will build it. So some stores that get it, call the company, and get the ramps built. Those ores go out of their way to try and make their stores accessible and as a result survive on street. The stores that are inaccessible to persons in wheelchair, I find are often lacking other people with disabilities who boycott out of sympathy. 15% of the globe is disabled, so unless a store, goes out of their way, using whatever means necessary that they can get, to clear the road, and show a warm welcome, then all the welcome signs are nothing.

Sorry to be off topic. I know that your writing was about the perennial problem you all have with race. But abstractly, I have noticed that with any people, unless they REALLY feel wanted, REALLY feel welcome, they are not going to show up unless they are real cultural leaders such as Jacky Robinson, or Mohammed Ali, or Tiger Woods. Those guys show up because they are leaders.

You need more diversity in the States.
Bridges, not walls.

I have American friends. I like the United States because Americans will fly in and do with confidence what we Canadians are hesitant to try. We are not all that confident so Neil Young and Celine Dion went to the USA.

In my profession, ESL teaching, racism is so inherent in the profession that currently there is a commercial for on the net. Guess what colour the main star of the video is? the star is saying how Grammarly helps her with her grammar so that she an pass the university. She was chosen because there is simply not enough diversity in English teaching itself. She was chosen because of the persistent lies and myths that stop more diversity from happening. Because the ideal teacher of English as a Second language is a blonde blue eyed fashion model looking like a young model. It is what it is, but when is it going to change? I thought that young people could see that this is 2016. But these racist lies and racist myths are difficult to defeat.

Classroom as Microcosm

p7OMedEI was standing in front of my classroom yesterday and I had a professional existential crisis.

My students had walked into their first exam of the semester in various states of tension, resignation and hope, and a couple of them seemed uncomfortable to the point of rudeness – sticking their legs out into the aisle and not moving them as I approached, until I asked them to; not meeting my eye and limply taking the papers from my hand; saying “More paper” without saying “…please.”

It was irritating, and ego-bruising. I often tell myself, “I don’t care how they FEEL about me; I care about how they BEHAVE.” And it’s true that, for their own sake, they need to learn how to treat everyone, even people they don’t care for – their teachers, their bosses, their colleagues, their classmates – with politeness and respect. I have developed a classroom demeanour that…

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Look Idioms


Look Idioms

Look up – to find information in a dictionary, book, directory or website
I’ll look up the restaurant’s location on google.
You can look us up on–line.

Look down (on) – to despise or disrespect
Hey, don’t look down on homeless people.
I’m not looking down on you.

Look into – to check or verify
Could you look into hotels in the Niagara Falls area?
I’m not sure about the airfare to Tokyo. I’ll look into it and let you know.

Look out – similar to watch out, to be careful of or to pay attention to
Look out! A car is coming.
Please look out for things on sale in the supermarket.

Look for – to find
(In a supermarket) I’m looking for brown sugar.
Note: I can’t find my keys. Different from: I can’t help you look for your keys. I’m going out.

Math Geography Indirect Math Questions, Pronunciation


? How many miles/kilonetres to Burleigh Falls?

If X is the number of kilometres to Burleigh Falls, and we are travelling at a rate of 80 Km/hr.

? How long is it until we get there?

And Are we there yet? 🙂


Where is Burleigh Falls?
Where is the restaurant at Burleigh Falls on the North Side of the street?

Where is Lakefield?
Where is Bobcaygeon?
Where is Highway 115 from The 401?

I wonder if you could tell me how much this costs?

Do you happen to know XYZ small verb last?

Do you happen to know XYZ is/have/has?

Do you = Dyu = Ju*

Happen to know
Ha pn t’ kn

This bird was carved by a famous Haida Carver and donated to College Park and Toronto.  It is in College Park.

This bird was carved by a famous Haida Carver and donated to College Park and Toronto. It is in College Park.

Idea from Jack C. Richards interchange 2 and also the University of Toronto TESL program.


Hey! Successful Portage! Join us! Live our way.

Successful Portage!
Join us!
Live our way.

IMG_1735 IMG_1737 IMG_1741 You Need to know the Focus of the conversation. So you need to know the focus of each group of words spoken by the speaker you are listening to.

So the focus word is often louder, or higher in intonation, or more clear.


This idea comes from Judy Gilbert, and her book Clear Speech, Cambridge University Press.  London, UK.

7 reasons why you need to go on vacation off Google maps

English training

1. If the place your gong to has been mapped.  It has already been donne. 

2. been there, done that. 

3. If the place your going has been maped,, it is filled with nerds who foound it on google maps like me. 

4. It isn’t an adventure like really, it is an adventure like a moviie. 

5. anyone wiht access to Google maps can find it.

6. Anyone with access to Google in any language that Google translates to and from can find it and go there.

7. All the canoes are taken.  


Hey, Ms. E. Who told you that you are going to take the IELTS test and then go into College?


Perhaps they lied to you.  Perhaps they told you what they believed was true but is not necessarily true. Perhaps you are living in a dream world. Perhaps you will do that.  Alice. 

If someone told you that you are going to take the IELTS test, and then go into College.  They are 

1. Pointing out your problem. 

Your problem perhaps is that you are young, and jobless, and thus eager to believe. 

2. Offering a solution; a solution that you believe. 

One solution is to pay huge tuition fees, and then study for the test.  Perhaps to me, so that I can push you and try to motivate you and also persuade you to buy IELTS books, and CDs, and whatever you need to pass the test.  

While you are studying you need to pay rent, be happy, improve things in your life and hold it all together. 

Can you do that? Maybe you can maybe you can’t. Maybe I will never know.  

3. Trying to profit at your expense. 

So next time someone tries to sell you that IELTS dream, ask yourself.  What is my goal? My goal is not to take a test. I hate tests. My goal is to get a job. So if I can get a job, without taking the IELTS test and going to college. Cool. 

If I can take an easier test, to get into college, Cool. 

If I can meet someone who can give me the words. The words that I need to open the gate. That the gatekeepers have slammed shut, and barred.  And posted guards on the towers to shoot down anyone who dares to try and go through those gates, … then I want to meet that person.  After all, I remember now, how I got into Canada, no test, just words.  


Am I wrong? 

Isn’t IELTS just the British answer to the TOEFL test because all that money was pouring into New Jersey? From dreamers writing that test? 

If I am wrong please let me know. 

But as far as I am concerned, there is more than one way to ski down a ski hill.